Avirom & Associates was founded in 1981 by the company’s president, Michael D. Avirom, P.L.S. The company began as “Michael D. Avirom Land Surveyors” with a single two man crew and one drafts-person. The firm has now grown into a successful business with over forty employees (nine crews) and six Registered Professional Land Surveyors with offices in Boca Raton, Key West and Stuart, Florida.

In 1998, Avirom & Associates acquired the records of Arthur V. Strock and Associates, Inc.; Bickham Land Surveying Company; Nash, Schwartz and Associates, Inc.; Caufield – Nash and Associates; Safari Surveying and Engineering; and James F. Nash and Associates. Avirom & Associates has achieved a very successful track record with projects throughout Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. We have had a sound and sustained growth since inception and anticipate a continuation into the future.



Our mission is to provide our clients with a quality product in a cost-effective and timely manner. Communication is an important aspect of a successful project. Our clients interact directly with one of our six Project Surveyors. We strive to deliver our projects within or before the requested timeframe.

Our business is predominantly based on repeat clientele and referrals, which is an endorsement that our goals are achieved. We provide a product that meets the needs of our clients, as their satisfaction is our primary objective.



Our employees are all trained in the utilization of GPS (Global Positioning System), electronic data collection, 3D laser scanning and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) mapping. A number of our team members are FAA licensed pilots with SUAS Rating (Remote Pilot) on staff to fly our missions.

We strive to be on the forefront and possess contemporary tools in surveying technology.

Our GPS receivers are linked by cellular service to a network of base stations throughout Florida. This gives us the ability to utilize our receivers in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) mode throughout the State of Florida.